Tin Foiled Again

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Nov 16, 2005

Are those pesky government mind-controlling rays getting you down, forcing you to pay taxes, making you believe that Intelligent Design is an actual scientific theory?

Then do I have a paper for you! As only those wackheads at MIT can do, they tested the permeability and opacity of aluminum-foil hats to various emissions, to see how well they actually work to block any telekinetically-imposed outside behavioral patterns on an otherwise innocent population. And then they published their results!

They found that the hats do well blocking some transmissions, but surprisingly appear to have amplified some wavelength ranges of electromagnetic energy... suspiciously, a band reserved by the government for its own (presumably nefarious) reasons!

I think this was an interesting test, but they missed a very obvious problem: they used aluminum foil for their hats, and not tin, as they should have ("aluminum-foil hats" doesn't have the same ring to it). Without this control, how can we know if we are safe or not? Perhaps someone at MIT reads this blog, and will do the obvious follow-up experiment. Don't expect government funding, though.

Their results are nonetheless intriguing, and make me even more suspicious of any group who claim to make an off-the-shelf model.

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