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Titan shoots for the stars with first-ever Firefly novel, Big Damn Hero

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Nov 19, 2018, 9:45 PM EST (Updated)

This has been a fantastic month for lovers of Joss Whedon's Firefly universe as we've seen some epic rumblings in the sci-fi western property with the release of Titan Books' Firefly Encyclopedia, Boom Studios' launching a new Firefly comic series by Greg Pak and Dan McDaid, and now Titan's first-ever Firefly novel, Big Damn Hero.

This engaging original prose book written by James Lovegrove, based on a story concept by Nancy Holder, has the added prestige of being edited by Whedon himself. Set in the aftermath of the Battle of Serenity Valley during the Unification War, Big Damn Hero explores more of the hidden back story that set Mal and Zoe on a dangerous course wandering the cosmos as pirates and smugglers.


The storyline centers around Serenity's delicate transportation of five crates of explosives from the planet of Persephone and delivery to an anxiously waiting buyer named Badger. And with Badger, nothing ever goes smoothly.

Mal goes missing during the pickup, kidnapped by a gang of angry veteran Browncoats who put him on trial for his life and accuse him of sabotaging the Independents' cause during the war. With the volatile cargo becoming more unstable, and Alliance cruisers taking extreme interest in the notorious smuggling ship, Zoë must choose between rescuing her valiant captain and saving her loyal crew.

Did Mal betray the Independents and aid the Alliance? What dark secrets has he withheld? Old comrades and bitter rivals are paraded out while the scrappy Captain tries prove his innocence amid a hostile environment that seeks vengeance and blood.


"Of all the SF film and TV franchises around, the only one I'd have considered writing tie-in fiction for is Firefly," Lovegrove told SYFY WIRE. "I love the show (and movie), and because it was so short-lived I feel there's scope for plenty more stories to tell about the 'Verse.

"When Titan approached me to ask if I'd be interested in writing Firefly novels, my answer was an unequivocal yes. It's been a delight and a privilege to revisit these characters, their unique language and quirky interactions and bring them back to life. The result is professional fan fiction of, I hope, the best and purest kind, written with the aim of giving loyal Browncoats everywhere the extra helpings of Firefly they crave and gorramn well deserve."

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Titan's Firefly: Big Damn Hero lands in book stores on Tuesday, Nov. 20. Are you enjoying the recent resurrection of interest in Firefly and do you think this might bode well for its triumphant return to the small or big screen?