Something evil lurks below in exclusive 8-page peek at Titan's Under: Scourge of the Sewers

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Dec 11, 2017

As Stephen King, the Ghostbusters, and the Dark Knight are well aware, nothing good lives or lurks down in the humid depths of the sewer systems.

Titan Comics is plumbing the depths of these symbolic subterranean waterways in its new giant monster comic, Under: Scourge of the Sewers, and we're here to let you get your feet wet with a soggy 8-page preview. Written by Christophe Bec and paired with artists Stefano Raffaele & Christian Favrelle, it's a colossal odyssey beneath the city's spires and skyscrapers with a humongous host of beastly mutated creatures residing in the vast canals of stinking sludge and toxic wastewater.

This beautiful book is part of Titan's new international comic book imprint, Statix Press, which plans on spotlighting some of the finest translations from Europe and around the planet.

Here's the official solicitation synopsis:

Some people bury their secrets underground. In Megalopolis, the dirt flows into the sewers.

Lt. Wilson Jericho, disgraced from his position above ground and now an officer in the sewer police, thinks he knows everything there is to know about what lies beneath. But scientist Sandra Yeatman is determined to discover the truth behind the legends, and something is threatening to crawl out and rip the city apart …

If you recognize the killer cover art in the gallery below, that's James Stokoe, who floored us this year with Dark Horse's Aliens: Dead Orbit, and he's back on this title with more of his fantastically detailed "clean line"-style artwork.

Scope out our preview and tell us if you'll collect this badass bug title when Titan's Under: Scourge of the Sewers #1 crawls into comic shops on Dec. 13.

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