Titans adds Anna Diop as live-action Starfire

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Jan 22, 2021, 2:50 PM EST (Updated)

DC's Titans, the live-action series that will be one of the lead-off shows on the new DC Entertainment digital streaming service, continues to shape up.

According to Deadline, Anna Diop has been cast as Starfire, the alien heavy hitter who is usually portrayed as a bit naive as far as Earth's customs (and conversations) go.

Diop, a 29-year-old actress, is known for her starring roles on The CW's The Messengers and Fox's 24: Legacy. That gives her a considerable age difference to her only co-star so far, 13-year-old Teagan Croft, an Australian newcomer to U.S. television, who is playing the team's empath and sorceress, Raven.

Early indications about Titans -- from Geoff Johns, Akiva Goldsman, and DC/CW VIPs Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter -- were that the cast would skew older (much like the casts of The CW shows, who are all in their 20s), rather than being comprised of teenagers, hence the lack of "Teen" in the recognizable title. The series will also feature Dick Grayson (most likely, though not confirmed, in his Nightwing persona), and is rumored to include Beast Boy as the final series regular, though more Titans will be added in throughout.


Starfire is a Tamaranian alien princess named Koriand'r, crated by Marv Wolfman and George Perez. She can fly, has superhuman strength and durability, and can project energy from her hands. A founding member of the New Teen Titans, she's been on TV in the Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go! series, plus DC Super Hero Girls, as well as being animated in film in several DC animated movies.

Titans will launch on the DC Digital service, along with Young Justice: Outsiders, the third season of the animated series, returning after a years-long fan campaign.