Titans confirmed for a second season at world premiere in New York

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Titans, the upcoming comic book series coming to the DC Universe streaming app, was confirmed for a second season at the show’s world premiere in Manhattan.

Executive producer and writer Geoff Johns broke the news during a Q&A with the cast, producers, and writers. He even added that they know exactly where the second season will go and what characters will be introduced in it.

The premiere consisted of the first two episodes of the show’s first season, which comprises 11 episodes. However, Warner Bros. wanted to throw out a few surprises before the actual screening began.

First up, Brendan Fraser made an unexpected appearance to tease the Doom Patrol series, in which he portrays Cliff Steel/Robotman.

Credit: Josh Weiss

"They don't wear capes ... they're not the Justice League,” he said, describing the upcoming show as “awesome.”

He also read from the introduction of Grant Morrison’s beloved run on the team and revealed that Larry Trainor/Negative Man would be played by American Horror Story: Hotel’s Matt Bomer. Bomer appeared in a pre-recorded message from the show’s set, wearing Trainor's pilot jumpsuit. Oh yeah, and Alan Tudyk is playing the main villain, Mr. Nobody.

"That's so cool... I love The Mummy so much," said a fanboy-ing Johns as Fraser left the stage, drawing chuckles from the audience.

Credit: Josh Weiss

The second curveball thrown at the premiere was the announcement of more details surrounding DC Universe's Harley Quinn animated show. A short preview of Harley talking to the audience from her shared cell with Poison Ivy was shown. Shockingly, it took a dig at Donald Glover’s axed Deadpool cartoon at FX.

"Unlike that Deadpool cartoon, it's actually coming out,” Harley said to much laughter and surprised gasps from the gathered audience. She also added, "You're gonna piss yourselves, I promise!"

Credit: Josh Weiss

Credit: Josh Weiss

Then the voice of Harley, Kaley Cuoco, appeared onstage to list the rest of the cast: Lake Bell (Poison Ivy), Alan Tudyk (Clayface), Tony Hale (Doctor Psycho), and Christopher Meloni (Commissioner Gordon). J.B. Smooth and Jason Alexander are also voicing characters, but Cuoco did not disclose their roles.

WARNING! The following contains spoilers for the first two episodes of Titans!

At last, the first two episodes of Titans were shown back to back, and you know what? The show is actually really, REALLY good!

Okay, so the lighting is a tad dark, but it's got style, it's got charm, it's got mystery, and gosh dangit, it's got genuine humor. This was an intentional step on the part of the showrunners, said EP/writer Akiva Goldsman, who explained that they wanted the tone to be a little less nihilistic than the DCEU films.

The first episode introduces all of the main players: Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) is a Detroit cop, who moonlights as a violent vigilante, Robin; Rachel Roth/Raven (Teagan Croft) is a young girl discovering her supernatural powers for the first time and her place in some doomsday prophecy; Starfire (Anna Diop) wakes up in Austria with no knowledge of who she is or why she's so interested in finding Rachel Croft; and Beast Boy (Ryan Potter) is a petty thief, transforming into a tiger just so he can steal video games.

By far, Starfire's entrance was the most clever. She wakes up in a car that's playing Tavares' "Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel" (1976) over the radio, a cute little reference to her alien origins.

The show really takes off in the second episode, which brought in the vigilante duo of Hank Hall/Hawk (Alan Ritchson) and Dawn Grander/Dove (Minka Kelly). They're hilarious (especially Hawk when he's about to be tortured in the opening sequence) and have great onscreen chemistry. There's also the little issue that Dove and Robin used to be lovers back in the day.

Credit: Josh Weiss

And did we mention that some insane family is looking for Raven as well? They'll stop at nothing to find her, going so far as to torture, mutilate, and kill Dick's partner at the Detroit PD. They're as loony as can be, and their first appearance set to Dean Martin's cover of "Papa Loves Mambo" is just pitch-perfect.

After the second episode was done screening, one more bombshell was in order: a little snippet of the live-action Doom Patrol. The sequence shows Robotman and Negative Man (already wrapped in his bandages) eating at a lavish banquet table with a woman who might be Crazy Jane. She digs in to a sumptuous plate of spaghetti and meatballs, but her face begins to sag and glow before she covers it in shame.

Episode 5 of Titans' first season is titled "The Doom Patrol" and was directed by EP John Fawcett. During the Q&A, the producers said that Fawcett had directed that little sequence, which could be (and probably is) part of the larger episode to come.

Titans premieres on DC Universe next Friday, Oct. 12.

Credit: Josh Weiss

Credit: Josh Weiss