Titans EP Geoff Johns promises LGBTQ characters, possibly Bunker

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Oct 22, 2018, 3:34 PM EDT

After a bit of a rocky debut for DC Universe’s headlining TV venture Titans, the show’s already looking to the future. It landed a second season after its world premiere, which means there’s plenty of leeway for the show to improve and solidify some of its mixed criticism into staunchly positive responses. Some of that may come from upping the show’s diversity, which was the topic of discussion when the show’s cast and EPs sat down for an interview recently.

Speaking to TVLine, executive producer Geoff Johns responded to a question of future LGBTQ characters with, “Of course.” When these characters will show up and who they’ll be are different questions, but Johns gave some hints for comic fans to mull over as the streaming show heads towards Season 2.

“There’s one Titan that already is gay, that we’ve talked about bringing on — probably next season,” said Johns, possibly talking about out-and-proud Miguel Jose Barragan aka Bunker. Rumors are already flying that Bunker will show up in Season 2, as he’s the most apparent Titan who fits the bill. The hero can create things out of energy — think Green Lantern, except purple — and has previously been the target of plenty of shadowy organizations.

That said, there’s lots of opportunity for the show to introduce one of the comic characters that previously hasn’t been identified as queer with their queerness out in front. Or, hey, they could even make one of the leads queer. Teen Titans Go! sure is having fun with the space in the meantime.

Titans is now streaming on DC Universe.