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Titans EP teases Beast Boy origin for Season 1's Doom Patrol episode

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Oct 5, 2018, 6:36 PM EDT (Updated)

While you won't be able to watch the live-action Doom Patrol series on the DC Universe streaming app until next year, you don't have to worry about the long wait.

That's because we'll be getting a look at the famous team during the first season of Titans, the gritty and mature take on Marv Wolfman and George Pérez's New Teen Titans.

The fifth episode of the show's first season is titled "The Doom Patrol," and will feature some backstory on everyone's favorite animal-related shapeshifter, according to executive producer John Fawcett, who also directed it. 

"I think that the fans are gonna enjoy the characters and the way we present The Doom Patrol," he told SYFY WIRE at the Titans world premiere in New York. "There isn’t a lot I want to give up in terms of storyline, but [Doom Patrol founder] Doctor [Niles] Caulder is in it. There is a bit of an origin story in regards to Beast Boy, that shows how Beast Boy sort of came to be, and how Dr. Caulder saved his life."

It should be noted that this episode will not feature the same Doom Patrol actors, who are starring in the 2019 series. Since they only just kicked off production in August, that would've been impossible. For instance, Bruno Bichir is portraying Caulder in Titans, while Timothy Dalton is taking on the full-time gig in Doom Patrol

Still, directing their cameo on Titans was a major learning experience for Fawcett. 

"To be perfectly honest, going into this, I didn't know a ton about The Doom Patrol," he said. "I knew the basics, but it was really Geoff Johns who got me revved up about doing this. It was the first time The Doom Patrol was ever going to make it into live-action anything. We were really doing it for the very first time. That was very exciting."

Titans will premiere its debut episode on the DC Universe streaming service next Friday, Oct. 12. A new episode will be released every week, with "The Doom Patrol" landing on Friday, Nov. 9. A short tease of Fawcett's handling of the team was shown at the end of the Titans premiere. 

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