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WIRE Buzz: Titans debuts first live-action Nightwing costume; The Flash casts new regular; more

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Nov 22, 2019, 11:49 AM EST

Titans has been teasing fans of the DC Universe show with the coming evolution of Dick Grayson from Robin to Nightwing. Brenton Thwaites’ self-actualizing sidekick is stepping out of Batman’s shadow — and now fans have a first look at the costume he’ll wear while doing so.

Showrunner Greg Walker and specialty costume designer Laura Jean Shannon debuted the suit at an event on Thursday, showcasing the suit playing a part in Nightwing’s live-action debut during the season two finale of Titans.

Take a look:

Source: DC Universe

Source: DC Universe

Now get a look at it in action:

That’s come a long way from burning the old Robin outfit. The comic-classic look is sure to please fans that have been clamoring for the character to make the transition to live-action media for a long, long time. Now all that remains to be seen is if the live-action Nightwing’s butt causes as much of a stir as his comic corollary.

The second season of Titans ends, and Nightwing begins, on Nov. 29.

Next, another DC show has some news — though this one needs to fight off a Crisis on Infinite Earths before getting to it. The Flash is about to handle its massive Arrowverse reimagining of the classic comic storyline, but after the dust has settled and the multiverse parsed, the show will still move forward and introduce new characters.

EW reports that one of these characters, Eva McCulloch, will be a series regular in the back half of the show’s sixth season. McCulloch will be played by Efrat Dor and, apparently, create an alliance with Iris West-Allen that “results in a surprising alliance that pushes the boundaries of sanity, while also uncovering a vast conspiracy to take down Team Flash and its allies.” Huh? 

Could be that Eva McCulloch has something to do with the comics’ Evan McCulloch AKA Mirror Master. If Eva, a genius quantum engineer, is returning to mess with minds — a super-science possibility to be sure — fans can be sure that a mirror gun of some kind will likely be involved.

This new (potential) villain will rise once The Flash crew has solved its Crisis on Dec.10.

Finally, The Witcher is giving fans of the Andrzej Sapkowski novels (or excellent video game adaptations) plenty to look forward to as the series nears its Netflix release. Henry Cavill stars as Geralt of Rivia, ready to hunt monsters and have complicated relationships with various witches, in the fantasy show — which may further attract those looking for a Game of Thrones replacement now that it's released the names of all eight of its first season episodes.

Posting on its official Twitter account, The Witcher is already riding its tone hard:

That means the titles of the episodes will be "The End's Beginning," "Four Marks," "Betrayer Moon," "Of Banquets, Bastards and Burials," "Bottled Appetites," "Rare Species," "Before a Fall," and "Much More." Those have got plenty of teases and hints locked away inside them, including references to Yennefer's backstory, the bard Dandelion, and, yes, maybe even a dragon.

The Witcher launches all these episodes on Dec. 20.