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Titans reveals Doom Patrol members Elasti-Girl, Robotman, Negative Man

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Oct 26, 2018, 1:57 PM EDT

Ahead of Doom Patrol’s release, fans anticipating the DC Universe show got a first look at the members of the squad at the end of today’s episode of Titans. During the preview tag for Episode 4 of the gritty take on the teen superheroes, audiences got glimpses at Elasti-Girl, Robotman, and Negative Man in all their true-to-comic glory.

Raven is going through a lot, to say the least, with her demonic dad attempting to gain access to this world. The rest of the Titans are facing off against a mysterious evil family of robots and each other, so it’s no surprise they turn to an outside party to deal with Raven’s otherworldly problem. Otherworldliness is nothing new to these guys, it seems.

Check them out:

Save for Diane Guerrero’s Crazy Jane and Joivan Wade’s Cyborg, that’s everyone — including Dwain Murphy’s Negative Man (to be replaced by Matt Bomer in the spin-off), April Bowlby’s Elasti-Girl, and Jake Michaels’ Robotman (replaced by Brendan Fraser in the spin-off). And honestly they all look pretty great, especially Bowlby’s melted visage. Her character is still trying to keep her powers taut, it seems.

Adding even more superheroes to the already stuffed show should delight fans of the underappreciated comic weirdos, which look to play a pivotal role in the season’s plotline. Doom Patrol is set to premiere on the streaming service sometime next year.