Titans trailer fan edit lets old-school animated Robin drop an F-bomb

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Jul 23, 2018, 5:47 PM EDT

If you’ve got mixed feelings about the darker, edgier tone of DC’s forthcoming live action Titans series, this fan edit combining old-school animated Teen Titans footage with the brand-new audio from the just-released Titans trailer may ease your transition into DC’s gritty new digital streaming show.

Clever splices of the original Teen Titans characters overlaid with dialogue from DC Universe’s trailer for Titans results in an oddly satisfying mash-up of elegant throwback cartoon storytelling and the new show’s more mature, pensive vibe. Of course it all leads up to Robin’s now-infamous “f**k Batman” line, which made seismic waves with fans when the new clip debuted last week.


Darth Blender on YouTube

DC knew good and well what it was doing when it had Brenton Thwaites’ Robin drop the fateful F-bomb, and the trailer predictably created plenty of fan buzz once meme-makers had spent some quialty time pondering the clip. 

Of course, the trailer also pushed the buttons of some old-school Teen Titans fans, who rebelled (some playfully, some angrily) by spawning the #NotMyTitans Twitter hashtag. Tweets united by the tag range from bemused acceptance to apocalyptic fan meltdowns, but good or bad, it all definitely has gotten people talking about Titans — which has to have the folks at DC smiling.

Beyond the trailer hype, the Titans-verse is having a moment of late. The animated, kid-friendly Teen Titans GO! To the Movies releases July 27 in the wake of positive reviews and early buzz, and the live action Titans is just around the corner: the show will debut this fall, when the new DC Universe streaming platform finally goes live.