SF 404 pages, Nathan Fillion's wig, Shatner in Trek and more!

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Dec 14, 2012

Bite down on the morsel that is Blastr and you'll discover the soft, nougatty center that is the Hottest Stories and Best Comments. This week tastes of delicious geek 404 pages, really expensive movie posters, Firefly and Nathan Fillion, BSG's timeline, hot possibilities for Lara Croft, George Lucas' awesome ex-wife and ... Michael Bay's "crap." Click through to indulge!

Our story: 13 wonderfully geeky 404 not-found pages

Your best comment: Oh, come on. You missed the BEST geeky 404 page: Zork! http://thcnet.net/404 One of the few sites that get you addicted to a 404— BrianaMJ

Our story: 16 weird, what-were-they-thinking sci-fi movie and TV food tie-ins

Your best comment: I used to love to collect those trading cards for Planet of the Apes (w/Charleton Heston) and Dark Shadows that came with the stale bubble gum back in the 60s and early 70s. I chewed so much gum when I was a kid to get all the cards, the dentist probably put his kids through college on my bubble-gum habit alone! — Goldilocks

Our story: 1st look at Doctor Who's new outfit, Cybermen spoilers and more

Your best comment: Doctor Who is probably the only show that can survive absurdly long breaks in the broadcast schedule. BBC even killed it once but it bounced back better than ever thanks to Russell Davies! — Michael

Our story: See 7 awesome sci-fi movie posters that sold for $2 million

Your best comment: These finally sold. I have seen her list these on Ebay many times in one combination or another or the past years. A 24 sheet poster may be very rare. But it is so big who can dispaly it properly. I think this fact keeps the value of these gigantic posters in check. — AL

Our story: Nathan Fillion rocks mask and fierce wig in new Super trailer

Your best comment: So how is this not "Kick A$$" all over again? I mean, I dig Nathan. I'm such a Firefly fan that it makes me happy to see the sheriff from "Train Job" in this. I even dig Rainn. But... um...

And.. how lame I have to spell the above movie title with dollar signs. maybe I'm just cranky today, but really. The internet is for grownups. — deadnotsleeping

Our story: Former Fox president explains why Firefly had to be canceled

Your best comment: The fans may still there but there aren't enough of them to matter and there never was. That is the problem. What most Firefly fans don't seem to realize is that even by TV audience standards they are an extreme minority. And I say this as a fan of the show.

Now I don't deny they they botched the show's run buy airing it out of order but that isn't enough to kill a show. Sadly, people just didn't watch it.

After Fox canceled it, Universal gave fans their second shot (and a very rare one) to prove how much love there was out there for Firefly in the way of a major motion picture release. Serenity. If it did gangbusters at the box office Fox would have known they made a mistake. But it didn't. It bombed. No one showed up to see it. Well, not no one, just the core (very small) group of Firefly fans. But no one else.

The reason networks and studios produce TV and movies is really for one reason only: to make money. Firefly didn't. Neither did Serenity. They lost money. It didn't matter that both were really, really good.

The production budget for Serenity was $39 million. Its total domestic gross was $25,514,517. Add in foreign grosses ($13,354,947) and you get $38,869,464. That means the movie didn't even make back what it cost to produce. Those numbers don't lie. People weren't interested.

Firefly is and always will be a cult show. And, again, I saw that a fan of the show. I never missed an episode. I bought the discs they day they came out, and I saw Serenity on opening day. I even took the day off from work to go early. — TheGigaShadow

Our story: Joss Whedon officially kills fan attempt to revive Firefly

Your best comment: I need to get my eyes checked. When I looked at the headline I thought it said "Joss Whedon officially kills fan in attempt to revive Firefly". — AAron

Our story: Awesome in-depth graphic explanation of BSG's many timelines

Your best comment: Wow! I just put together the timelines of Star Trek Generations, Star Trek (2009) and Back to the Future, and I still am more confused by this timeline. I thought I understood the BG reboot and Caprica, but I think I need to watch BG on Netflix, with this chart in hand. I may, then, understand it. — raddog5

Our story: 12 actresses who could raid tombs as the new Lara Croft

Your best comment: Yeah what? Talk about a list of randomness. Maybe its a subconscious urge on SyFys part to express that it would be nice to see an actress with some acting skills play Lara. The biggest question should be- with an origin story, will they finally give us something that will actually make us care about the character? Sure, kick-ass action and boobage are important, but for once I'd love to see more than just one emotion in our hot action chicks. — EazyPeasy

Our story: Little-known sci-fi facts: 3 ways George Lucas' wife saved Star Wars

Your best comment: Marcia should have received an honorary award for her contribution or credited for her input in these films. — Shadow

Our story: 1st official look at Hugo Weaving as Captain America's Red Skull

Your best comment: I just googled Red Skull from the 1990 Captain America movie. Wow. Talk about evolution in make up fx. — Paul

Our story: Michael Bay admits Transforme​rs: Revenge of the Fallen 'was crap'

Your best comment: I find it strange that people keep asking "what did you expect, SHAKESPEARE?!" Like, I can't desire my movies to have a great STORY or plot anymore, or to be well written, and at the same time be awesome with giant robots killing each other. Is there something wrong with me to want good writing in even the most silly of my movies? You people keep lowering your standards, I'll keep being disappointed in the tripe that everyone keeps perpetrating. At least I have bittorrent so I don't pay into these idiots' pockets. Christ. — Peter

Our story: Shatner reveals the 'real' reason he wants to be in Star Trek 2

Your best comment: Now then, wouldn't he make an excellent Mudd? — oldman

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