Muppets mashup, Lucas comes clean, nerdgirls & Spidey dies!

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Dec 14, 2012

All of your favorite friends have gathered 'round the table for this week's Hottest Stories and Best Comments: George, Michael, Megan, Peter, Neil, Matt, Blake Bilbo, Smaug and ... The Muppet's Animal. What was your favorite story this week?

Our story: 10 Game of Thrones characters freakily mashed up into Muppets

Your best comment: What??? No love for Gonzo???? A travesty, I say! He totally should have been Tyrion. And Camilla and all the other chickens could have been his....girls. — Ninevah

Our story: 7 sci-fi book-to-film adaptations that TOTALLY changed the ending

Your best comment: 2001: A Space Odyssey should get an honorable mention. The Star Child in the book destroys all weapons platforms in orbit around the Earth. It cements him as a harbinger of peace and as the next step in human evolution. — MetalPause

Our story: Did George Lucas tell Simon Pegg the Star Wars prequels sucked?

Your best comment: No, this isn't the first time GL has, sort of, admitted the movies were not up to the quality/critical acclaim he had been hoping for. Between all the digital effects at his disposal, which meant he didn't have to try as hard to pull of the visual magic, and his not having to get anyone else's opinion, I think his grandiose ideas at the time, influenced by various hobbies and other interests, got the better of him. Midichlorians, anyone? The fact is, George needs people to tell him, "Well, uh, George, with all due respect. No one's going to like that very much," and when that doesn't happen you get the Prequels. And, well, The Crystal Skull. Even the best directors need to be kept within some bounds. Look at Star Wars: The Clones Wars. There are a lot of fans, and even non-fans, who have said that TCW is more interesting, better acted, and even better visualized then the prequels. And that's because George gives others his ideas, crazy as some of them may be, and guys like Dave Filoni and Steven Melching figure out how to make them *not* so crazy. And, you know what? It works. It's Cartoon Network's highest rated series across the board and it one of the few Star Wars additions the fans rarely rage against one another over. So, yeah, sometimes it's actually to one's benefit to answer to someone else. — Joseph

Our story: Michael Bay: Hitler remarks caused Spielberg to fire Megan Fox

Your best comment: It's okay to make fun of African American stereo types, but calling somebody Hitler is offensive? Welcome to America! — Harland

Our story: Marvel Comics KILLS Peter Parker (but Spider-Man will live on)

Your best comment: Its not that I hate Aunt May, but Aunt May has been like 70 for like 50 yrs. she has lived a long fruitfull life and its time to meet Uncle Ben in Heaven — David

Our story: Image of the Day: What if Pixar made an X-Men: First Babies movie?

Your best comment: Mutant powers don't typically become active until puberty. So, concept fail. Or am I being too pedantic? — Ron Moses

Our story: The Hobbit casts 2 more: Guess who's playing Smaug the dragon?

Your best comment: Unexpected choice for Smaug, but not one that I would call bad.

Now if I many take a moment & get comfy in my custom "LotR Fan" chair. There: Smaug never struck me as a monster character. Yes, he was a dragon, but before his rampage he has a battle of wits with Bilbo. So I was not hopping for some deep roaring actor to vocalize him. & Benedict Cumberbatch is yet to do a bad performance (my opinion). — Jonathan

Our story: Doctor Who art shows how much better Gaiman's ep could have been

Your best comment: I actually really liked how Auntie and Uncle were in the episode--at first glance, you could tell something was wrong, but couldn't quite figure it out. They were sort of halfway fallen into Uncanny Valley--and that's a good thing for abnormal characters. If they had looked monstrous straightaway, they wouldn't have any element of intrigue. — Mairead

Our story: Video warning: If your date is geekier than you--watch out!

Your best comment: My last two girlfriends seemed to take it as a personal slight that I didn't play MMORPGs (because they wanted me to play with them), and that it was strange that I don't read XKCD.

So, seriously? FUNNY UNTIL IT HAPPENS TO YOU. — Michael

Our story: Image of the Day: 1st official pic of Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins

Your best comment: read that wrong thought ti said Morgan Freedman... and was a bit confused... — Ben

Our story: The 12 most dastardly deeds sci-fi movie and TV dads ever did

Your best comment: This list makes me feel like a pretty good dad. — kevin

Our story: Blake Lively could play Star Sapphire in Green Lantern sequel

Your best comment: NO. I liked the movie a lot dont get me wronge, GL is my favorite hero! BUT Carol was one of the weaker elements of the movie. Make GL2 all about Hal vs Sinestro. We don't need 2 villains. She'd do a disservice to the star sapphire and it would not translate to film well. — Mike

Our story: Doctor Who's Matt Smith suits up to play a VERY confused Batman

Your best comment: Oh dear! i thought i saw his "little dr" till I enlarged this article — Carrie

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