TMNT co-creator steps up to defend Michel Bay's controversial reboot

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Dec 16, 2012

Oh boy! That Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle reboot controversy/bashing saga has just gone a tad further today. However, instead of getting more of that "let's bash Michael Bay some more" stuff, the director is actually getting some "support" from one of TMNT's original co-creators.

After getting A LOT of very angry fan backlash when it was announced that our beloved mutant turtles would no longer be mutants but aliens—as well as being told off by one of the original voice actors (who used the colorful words "raping" and "sodomizing" to describe the controversial reboot)—Bay is now getting a good ol' helping hand from Peter Laird, who co-created the series.

According to the Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision blog, Laird wrote:

"I would actually encourage TMNT fans to swallow the 'chill pill' Mr. Bay recently suggested they take, and wait and see what might come out of this seemingly ill-conceived plan. It's possible that with enough truly creative brainpower applied to this idea, it might actually work. I'm not saying it's probable, or even somewhat likely ... but it IS possible."

He also adds:

"The reason I say it could be a 'genius' idea is that—for the first time—someone has come up with a way to have as many freakin' Turtles as they want. I mean, if the TMNT are actually members of an alien race, there could be a whole PLANET of them!"

A whole planet of pizza-luvin' turtles? Wait a second ... yup, there it is: It's the collective groan of a gazillion TMNT fans all around the world. Let's hope Peter Laird was actually sarcastic while he wrote that bit. Probably. Hopefully. What do you guys think?

(via Heat Vision)