Todd McFarlane just can't seem to finish writing his Spawn reboot

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Dec 16, 2012

Todd McFarlane has been trying to get a better adaptation of his hellish horror comic Spawn off the ground since the less-than-impressive first movie dropped in '97, but the thing just keeps dragging. Now the comics and action-figure mogul says he's even got someone famous interested, but he just can't seem to finish writing the flick.

In a new interview covering everything from his company's new Walking Dead action figures to his lifelong love of sports, McFarlane didn't really give any indication as to when we might see actual progress on the film, but he did say at least one big name is involved somehow.

We had an Academy Award winning actor come up to the office the other day who's interested being involved with it. He gave me his pitch on what he wanted to do with it and I sort of walked him through what I wanted to do. They could see that the guy who created it knows the audience better than they do. They know how it goes. They left even more interested then when they came. So they're just waiting going "Todd, give me the script and let's rock and roll." He was saying the exact same thing as everyone else. "Get that damn script in my hand and let's go."

No clues as to who this actor is, but if you feel like going and finding a list of all the male actors who've won Oscars that are still alive, and then narrow down how many of them would be interested in Spawn, feel free. So, that "damn script" that Mr. Academy Award Winner and everyone else involved wants to see ... what's up with that?

Yeah, sadly I keep getting distracted with stuff. I'm going to have to set time aside to nail this thing down because I have too many people waiting for the script.

Considering McFarlane has basically been an industry unto himself for the last two decades, it doesn't exactly sound like an excuse. Still, it would be nice to hear some progress on a project that we've been waiting nearly 15 years to see: a live-action Spawn that actually packs the power of the early comics and the very adult-oriented HBO animated series. Maybe now that there's some talent tied to the project (whoever that may be), McFarlane will be encouraged to get moving again.

What do you think? Is this a good sign or just another red herring on the road to never seeing a new Spawn picture?

(Geek Chic Daily via You Bent My Wookie)

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