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Tokyo’s Pokémon trains are a Gotta Ride ‘em All experience

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Aug 24, 2018

Tokyo commuters are going to be catching more than a train for a while.

Anyone riding the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line or the Marunochi Line from now until…we don’t exactly know when, but for a limited time, is going to be finding themselves on the platform one second and in a scene from a Pokémon game the next.

These Poké-trains, a promotion for the upcoming Let’s Go! Pikachu and Let’s Go! Eevee games releasing soon, could possibly qualify for the most genius marketing idea ever. Walk through the “grass” and pick the Pika side or the Eevee side, both of which have shots from the games, and there are even game-exclusive creatures like Sandslash on the handlebars just in case there’s standing room only.

You couldn’t possibly miss either of these trains because even the outsides are crawling with Pokémon. Just imagine Pikachu spiriting you off to work.

Japan has been obsessed with Pokémon for over 20 years, if the video games, card games, anime, life-size mascots, the Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo Store, and Tokyo’s Pokémon Café (with Pikachu lattes served in Pikachu mugs) and even an entire shoe collection don’t already give away the fandom. Never mind how Pokémon Go has had the entire world walking and driving to unexpected places just to hunt down Mews and Jigglypuffs and Bulbasaurs from their smartphones.

An official Pokémon information bureau actually exists, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that their subway system got invaded next.

Passengers who thought this was just another day in the grind has been surprised and even enchanted by the trains, which are now moving portals to the Pokémon world. The photos being tweeted out are making every fan alive want to book plane tickets just so they can take the one train ride you absolutely have to catch.


(via Kotaku)

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