Tolkien, the blood of Christ, and Snart returns in the latest Legends of Tomorrow

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Dec 26, 2019, 2:51 PM EST (Updated)

Spoilers ahead for "Fellowship of the Spear," the latest episode of The CW's Legends of Tomorrow!

The short version: The Legends enlist J.R.R. Tolkien to help destroy the Spear of Destiny. It goes about as sideways as possible, as Mick sides with the Legion after they pluck a younger Snart from the time stream. But, Lord of the Rings gags abound. So, there's that.

The good: The heist, Tolkien, the World War I setting, and Snart's return

The episode opens with the Legends returning to the Vanishing Point to steal Thawne's piece of the spear and getting away pretty much perfectly. Even Thawne is shocked they pulled it off, and it's a testament to how this team has come together throughout the season and how they can pull off a mission when the plan is in place. Seeing Thawne's utter disbelief at the fact that they did it was hilarious icing on the cake.

This season has not been short of major historical figures, and we got to meet a young J.R.R. Tolkien this week. He joins up with the merry band of heroes to help find the secret blood of Christ buried with a knight in France. It's a big, silly adventure — and provides ample opportunity for Lord of the Rings homages and jokes along the way. Heck, Rip even quotes a bit of Tolkien to convince the two sides to stand down so they can search for the Jesus blood in No Man's Land. The jokes are heavy-handed, and the episode is obviously framed around a Lord of the Rings riff, but they play it for good laughs.

Speaking of that World War I setting, they used the budget to ample effect to make it look good, even employing a bit of shaky handheld camerawork during the battlefield segments to really drive the point home. This show always has fun with its historical settings, and the gritty theatre of war was no different. Excellent work by the effects/design/costume department.

Oh, and Leonard Snart is back! Finally! Word broke before the season that he'd signed an overall deal to recur, but apart from a few hallucinations, you had to wonder if he'd ever actually join up with the Legion of Doom. But now, Snart is finally back on the board. It's just a younger, evil version of Snart — from before he joined up with the Legends and learned to be a hero. Finally putting Mick into a predicament where he has to choose between his old friend and new team was a great moment, though the fact that he sided with Snart really seemed to kneecap a lot of his character development over the season. Which, maybe he'll eventually see the error of his ways.

The bad: This show is still really dumb, Sara makes the worst decisions

So, Rip has known where the Legion was working from all this time? He didn't bother to star that now, and Thawne didn't think they might need to change headquarters since Rip knew where they were working from? These are all really dumb contrivances to set up that early snatch and grab. Then there's the fact that they decide to do all this in the height of World War I. Yes, it was obviously done because it made for a cool setting and a boatload of action. But, the Legends literally fly around in a time machine. Once you figure out the location, why not jump to a time before the war and take care of business? Isn't that the perk of having a time machine? No muss, no fuss.

Sara has come a long way as a leader this season, but she made some truly boneheaded calls in this one. And it sucked. When the Legends put the spear together, they literally bring it right to the Legion of Doom — with all the pieces put together. Then, surprise, they lose it. This is the dumbest decision she could've made. Like, they've spent the whole season trying to keep this thing away from the Legion — and now they just stroll into the fight while sporting it? It just made you want to bang your head up against a wall. Sara is not that dumb. Stop writing her that way.

Also, when they're out in the trenches and need to retrieve the vial of blood, why not let Nate steel-up and just stroll out there and get it? Dude is made of metal, right? Doesn't that mean bulletproof? Who needs a cease-fire when you have a metal man?

Lingering questions

The team is in disarray, and the episode ends with the Legion reading from a tablet and seemingly rewriting reality. Epic fail, Legends.

Amaya is still dealing with the fallout from the reveal of her tragic future. Curious to see how that plays out by the end of the season.

Next week: There's an all-new reality, brought to you by our sponsor the Legion of Doom.

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