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Tom Cruise risks his life in new Mission: Impossible - Fallout featurette

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Jul 17, 2018, 4:06 PM EDT

Since the franchise launched 22 years ago, the Mission: Impossible movies have become something of a showcase for what star Tom Cruise is willing to put himself through for a nail-biting action sequence. 

The sixth installment, Mission: Impossible - Fallout is no exception, of course, with Cruise willing to push himself to his limits in new, terrifying ways. To commemorate the actor's dedication to his craft, Paramount Pictures has released a three-minute video that showcases some of the death-defying stunts the actor insisted be caught live on film. And all without the aid of a stuntman. 

It's quite an action-packed three minutes, too. It gives a behind-the-scenes glimpse at everything from Cruise climbing up a rope while dangling from a helicopter before falling, to him showing off the 2,000 hours of helicopter piloting he put himself through to fly one doing a 360-degree downward spiral. 

We also get a closer look at the stunt that famously broke Cruise's ankle. When jumping from one rooftop to another, he uses his foot to brace his impact. When he climbs back up, you can see Cruise limping in the footage that ends up in the film. As director Christopher McQuarrie puts it, he knew they had to get the shot. 

There's also a bit of insight into his famous HALO (high-altitude, low-open) jump, which was so over the top it was considered extremely dangerous even by Mission: Impossible standards. 

Mission: Impossible - Fallout has been getting rave reviews from critics, taking particular note of the jaw-dropping action sequences. It's currently sitting at 93 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. You'll be able to judge for yourself when Mission: Impossible - Fallout storms into theaters nationwide on July 27th.