Tom Hardy shoots down rumors we won’t see much Venom in the Venom movie

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Mar 26, 2018, 11:24 AM EDT

The first trailer for Sony’s upcoming Venom film didn’t actually feature a whole lot of Venom, a point that wasn’t lost on fans excited to see the classic Spider-Man villain/antihero get his due on the big screen.

Rumors started circulating a while back claiming we wouldn’t actually see much of the Venom symbiote until the end of the film, with the rest of the movie manifesting those powers in less CGI-heavy ways. But star Tom Hardy has chimed in to shoot down those rumors — seemingly making the case that Venom will actually feature a decent bit of Venom. The actor posted on Instagram to call those reports “asinine” “myths” from reporters without credible intel.

Here’s hoping he’s right, because a Venom without much Venom wouldn’t be much of a Venom at all.

There’s little doubt that Venom is taking a more gritty, street-level and cerebral take on what it would do to one’s psyche to bond with an alien creature in this way — which is admittedly not the most superhero-y approach to the material. That said, there’s still plenty of heady territory to mine with the right approach. Here’s hoping director Ruben Fleischer can strike a balance that appeals to fans across the spectrum.

Sony has a lot riding on this Venom project as the studio once again tries to launch its own Marvel-adjacent universe using assets from the Spider-Man universe. With a film based on Black Cat and Silver Sable shelved indefinitely, the pressure is on for Venom to have some bite.

Venom opens October 5.