Tom Hardy will bring Vertigo Comics' 100 Bullets to the screen

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Aug 12, 2015, 4:03 PM EDT (Updated)

A few months ago, after he had to leave Warner Bros.' Suicide Squad behind, Tom Hardy teased that he was working on another DC Comics project with Warner Brothers, something that blended elements of everything from Batman to Pulp Fiction to Ocean's Eleven. We don't know if the news today has anything to do with that tease, but it sounds like it might: Hardy is bringing us a 100 Bullets movie.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hardy is attached to produce and possibly star in the adaptation of the acclaimed, Eisner-winning crime series by writer Brian Azzarello and artist Eduardo Risso. An adaptation for TV was previously attempted by David Goyer, and Akiva Goldsman once tried to get a film going. Now Hardy and his producing partner Dean Baker are hoping to finally get the project off the ground at New Line, where Vertigo Comics (DC's mature readers imprint) film projects, including Sandman, recently migrated.

100 Bullets begins as the story of the mysterious Agent Graves, who approaches people looking for vengeance and gives them information about the person they want revenge on, a gun and 100 completely untraceable bullets. The series begins as a meditation on what people would do if they actually had the means to exact a perfect revenge, and from there it unfolds into a much bigger, much more complex crime epic. The series ran for 100 issues from 1999 to 2009 and picked up Eisner Awards for Best Serialized Story and Best Continuing Series (twice) along the way. 

We don't know yet when we might actually see the film adaptation, but THR's report notes that development is already well underway, and writer Chris Borelli (The Vatican Tapes) has already produced a script that "insiders" say is "true to the comic." So, if all goes well, 100 Bullets could hit the screen in the next few years.

(Via THR)

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