Tom Hiddleston teases Loki's nefarious return for Thor 2

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Jul 4, 2015

After going up against Earth's Mightiest Heroes in The Avengers, Loki's (Tom Hiddleston) story came to an end with plenty of questions still unanswered. Now some set reports from Thor: The Dark World hint at what everyone's favorite god is up to next.

Christopher Eccleston (Doctor Who) will be the Thor sequel's Big Bad, Malekith the Accursed, but it looks like Loki might still be hanging around to cause trouble for his bro Thor (Chris Hemsworth) as well.

According to a report from Icelandic site Visir, a crowd numbering in the hundreds were used to shoot an epic battle between Thor and Loki. Assuming it's true, it looks like Loki will have at least some role in the sequel, which had been assumed but not confirmed up this point.

Always the trickster, Hiddleston took to Twitter to tease his trip to the Icelandic shoot:

What do you think? Are you glad to hear he'll likely be sticking around for the sequel?

(Via Bleeding Cool)