Tom Hiddleston thinks Kenneth Branagh deserves a role in Thor 2

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Jul 4, 2015

Kenneth Branagh may be out of the directing gig for Thor 2—the honor having gone to Monster director Patty Jenkins due to a scheduling conflict between the Shakespearean actor and Marvel Studios—but that doesn't mean the actor/director can't have a role in the anticipated sequel.

At least, Tom Hiddleston thinks so.

While doing a press junket for Steven Spielberg's film War Horse, Hiddleston, who played that silver-tongued god of mischief Loki in Thor and will go full-on villain in the upcoming Avengers film (and will also come back for Thor 2, for that matter) said:

"The whole Loki thing is just so exciting. It is quite surreal, because I never expected it to be so fervent, for the passion to be so intense and one always hopes one's work is going to be appreciated, but my God it's a compliment that people have responded to what I did and everybody who's written letters say such lovely things like 'I really understood what Loki was going through and I understood his emotional predicament' so it's pretty great." ...

"I had dinner with some of the executives at Marvel and Chris Hemsworth and Patty in London and she's amazing, really. She's the most incredibly fearless director and has a really inate understanding of the muscularity of a character like Thor. I'm not just saying he's jacked-up. I mean, the character itself has an enormously muscular, visceral, emotional complexity and Patty understands it, and she understands it in her bones."

So what about the Kenneth Branagh thing, you say? Well, when Superherohype brought up the subject of Branagh perhaps having a role in the Thor sequel, Hiddleston said:

"Let's hope Patti thinks he's worth it 'cause I think he is."

What do you think? Do you agree with Tom Hiddleston and think Kenneth Branagh worthy of a role in Thor 2? After all, Branagh and Marvel parted on excellent terms, and we think it'd be rather cool to have him on board the sequel as an actor. Question is, which role should/could he play? Any ideas?

(via Superherohype)

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