Report: Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley sci-fi movie Chaos Walking hit with major reshoots

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Apr 4, 2018, 9:10 PM EDT (Updated)

Perhaps there are clues in the title? Post-production on Doug Liman’s Chaos Walking seems to be, well, a little chaotic, as The Hollywood Reporter claims the high-budget project has been forced to have some major reshoots, which are likely to push the release date back.

Unfortunately (and fortunately) for Lionsgate, the movie happens to feature in-demand genre stars Tom Holland (Marvel's current Spidey) and Daisy Ridley (in that little franchise known as Star Wars), and with their packed schedules, THR has hinted that the reshoots could prove cumbersome, with the current release date of Mar. 1, 2019 likely to change.

Based on the sci-fi YA best-seller of the same name by Patrick Ness, the film follows a teen named Todd (Holland) who has been raised believing that a viral germ has wiped out all the women in his dystopian world, while also giving all the men the ability to read people's minds. However, when Todd finally meets a young woman named Viola (Ridley) the pair go on to encounter various moral issues and high stakes as the planet around them erupts into war.

The series of books is named after a line in the first novel: "The Noise is a man unfiltered, and without a filter, a man is just chaos walking."

Per THR, the budget for the movie is said to be between $90-$100 million, so clearly there's a lot riding on its success, and Lionsgate is hoping for a franchise, just like the books. Liman has talked optimistically about the project, hailing his two leads as being on par with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie when he directed them in the action comedy Mr. and Mrs. Smith (2005).

Although, therein lies the problem when it comes to pinning his two stars down. THR says the film finished shooting principal photography in November, but Holland and Ridley may not be available until early next year because of their other commitments.

Ridley is of course set to work on Star Wars: Episode IX with director J.J. Abrams later this year, and has two other film projects on her slate. Equally busy, Holland is set to reprise his role as Peter Parker in the currently untitled sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming, and will no doubt be busy in the coming months promoting Avengers: Infinity War.

Still, judging by what Liman has to say, it sounds as though the duo's onscreen chemistry will be worth waiting for. Hopefully, any niggling issues in production will be ironed out once they've managed to get Spidey and Rey back in the same room together.

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