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Tom Holland reveals the Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel title

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Jun 24, 2018, 4:33 PM EDT (Updated)

Tom Holland isn't very good with spoilers

The young star of Spider-Man: Homecoming has become a Marvel Cinematic Universe fan favorite because of his sense of humor in and out of character, but he's won our hearts because of his cheerful and seemingly endless sense of candor. It makes him great in interviews, but it also means sometimes even his co-stars have to stop him and stop him from accidentally spoiling entire movies. Holland is well aware of this, and that means sometimes he's able to wield his reputation for a little bit of mischievous fun. 

It's that sense of fun that has seemingly just given us the title for the much-anticipated Homecoming sequel. 

In a video posted Saturday evening from backstage at Ace Comic-Con in Seattle, Holland said he wanted to "apologize" to fans for "no real revelations" about the film's sequel, which he claims even he doesn't know much about.

"I’m a little confused, because I died," he said, referring to April's Avengers: Infinity War, "so I don’t really know how it all comes into play."

Holland then noted that he'd at least received his script for the film, and held up an iPad to reveal a title screen complete with a logo.

So, the next Spidey film is titled Spider-Man: Far From Home.

It's a nice play on the next stage after Homecoming, but what does it mean? How far from home? From Queens to Manhattan? From Queens to Titan? From Queens to a school field trip in San Francisco or something? When is it set? We, of course, don't have the answers to any of these questions right now, and according to Holland neither does he. 

What he does have, though, is that little side-eyed smirk right after he held the tablet up, letting us know that this perhaps was not just an "apology" video with a quick slip of the film's title. This was Holland using the charm powers for good. So now, if nothing else, we've got a title to talk about.

Spider-Man: Far From Home is in theaters July 5, 2019, just months after the fourth Avengers film.