Tom Holland teases Uncharted fans with some Nathan Drake 'research'

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Sep 3, 2019, 8:25 AM EDT (Updated)

For now, we’re chalking this one up as nothing more than fun fan service, but it looks like Peter Parker has turned his attention — at least for a moment — to Nathan Drake.

Spider-Man star Tom Holland posted — and then apparently deleted — an Instagram vid that hints there may be some recent activity on his long-reported, yet still-unconfirmed role as a young-ish Drake in a forthcoming prequel movie companion to the massively successful Uncharted gaming franchise.

Deadline reported Holland’s casting as Drake, the PlayStation’s globe-trotting, Indiana Jones-meets-Lara Croft temple raider back in May, but Sony still has not confirmed that move — or much else about the film, for that matter.

That’s why the internet did a double take when Holland posted the vid, which shows a pan of the startup screen from Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, accompanied by a laugh emoticon and a playful caption: “For research purposes.”

Though that clip is now gone from Holland’s account, Twitter user Cade Onder snagged it before it disappeared.

For Uncharted fans hungry for any fresh word on the film treatment, it looks like hopeful stuff. Holland, who’s slotted for a fourth Avengers movie for Marvel in addition to his ongoing Spider-Man work, is a fan himself, and has even gotten giddy enough in the past to make Marvel nervous about what he might share with social media followers or the press.

Hopefully this means there's more Uncharted movie news just around the corner. Nathan Drake's great and all — but what we're really wanting to know is who's gonna end up playing Sully.