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Tom King reveals the crisis in Heroes in Crisis

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Jul 20, 2018, 2:55 PM EDT

In what will be the calm tranquility before the storm hits, Tom King revealed at San Diego Comic-Con what his big event comic, Heroes in Crisis will be about. In an over-the-top and luxurious breakfast experience on Friday that dressed the press in white robes, seated on pillows, King delivered his next depressing but heroic story in a man-made sanctuary experience.

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Heroes in Crisis Breakfast Event With Tom King (Photo by Ernie Estrella)

The next Crisis event (starting with Crisis on Infinite Earths, Identity Crisis, Infinite Crisis), Heroes in Crisis promises to be a story that will change how the audience views superheroes and how heroes view themselves as heroes.

But it’s not going to be a major world-shattering event, but there will still be a tragedy, because c’mon, it’s Tom King.

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From the DC Comics end, DC’s trinity — Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman —created a place called The Sanctuary, a farmhouse in Nebraska where superheroes can come and unbear their souls anonymously.

For example, “If you’re Scott Free, you get to see Oberon again,” King explained.

“You go in anonymous and it’s just you and the trinity. No one knows you’re there in these holo-chambers and they give you the therapy you need.” What’s key is that we will be seeing some of these confessions, told in nine-panel grids where super heroes free themselves of their greatest stresses.

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It’s a place that is serviced by Artificial Intelligence designed with Wonder Woman’s compassion, built by Batman, using Kryptonian technology. It’s a place where heroes can come and go safely... until 12 heroes are shot in a mass shooting inside the Sanctuary.

It’s a big whodunit story, a murder mystery and it will star the trinity and two other unlikely characters: Harley Quinn and Booster Gold. Seeing heroes making these confessions will help give new perspective on these characters much in the same way that King is deconstructing Mister Miracle. That and seeing the symbols of America be vulnerable, redefining the perception of masculinity and femininity.

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To help illustrate the point of this story, King shared a story of feeling like everything was great, and on his wife’s birthday he got wind of his grandmother in Nebraska passing away. He suffered a panic attack that day before hearing the news, and grappled with finding a way out of the pain, and finding your path back. As it alludes to the state of our current world climate, there’s another theme that emerged: with pain comes strength. When you feel like you’re making progress and something robs you of that process.

“Who did it and why? Can the Trinity (and mistake-ridden Harley Quinn and Booster Gold) put it back together?”

King’s frequent collaborator on Batman, Clay Mann will draw the main series, with one-shots being drawn by Mitch Gerads, whom King collaborates with on Mister Miracle and previously on Sheriff of Babylon.