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Tom King teases upcoming Batman story arcs and ‘huge Bat event’

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Dec 4, 2018, 2:26 PM EST

Batman writer Tom King has had quite an eventful run with the character, heading the Dark Knight’s DC comic long before a certain marriage and its fallout left him needing professional security at San Diego Comic-Con. His is a Batman openly dealing with PTSD, failed relationships, endangered wards, and the age-old confrontations with villain on top of villain.

Now, a chapter of that story is coming to a close while another is seeing its run outlined. On Twitter, King revealed that issue #60 (ten issues after the pre-spoiled SNAFU of the Catwoman wedding event) would be the end of his first Batman arc - with details on the runs on the way to his final Batman, #105.

Check it out:

Cold Days and Beasts of Burden have seen the sad Bat at his darkest point, with Bruce Wayne actively fighting against Batman’s judgement and needing a lot of help from the few people he can still call friends. He’s been rediscovering himself (or, y’know discovering it for the first time) along the way, seeking revenge, grappling with his need to shape young people into weird images of his own flawed’s no wonder that King says that the new storyline “Knightmares” will be an "epic arc scraping at the soul of Batman."

Issues #61 - 69 will simply be following along with King’s obsession with Batman becoming self-aware and, perhaps eventually, healthy. You might think...until you see “The Fall and the Fallen” as the arc after Knightmares, which will perhaps dig even further into the allies (Alfred, Jim Gordon, Nightwing — all the usual suspects) that Batman has seen take some punishment due to their association with him in recent issues.

And then? A “huge Bat event” setting up the end of everything that’s so secretive even its name can’t be revealed. All we know for sure is that “the end is near,” as King writes:

A big storyline would be the perfect ending to King’s mini-runs which have been rollercoastering up and down with Batman’s mental health as its uneven throughline. Finishing with a long and consistent story detailing Bruce Wayne’s ultimately unsuccessful or successful coping with superhero life and all its consequences would be a nifty feather in King’s already well-adorned cap. It would also be nice to see Batman back in the spotlight for something besides showing off his bat-privates.

Batman #60 is out tomorrow.

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