Tom Savini wants you to pony up $1 million so he can make a new zombie pic

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Sep 6, 2013, 4:28 PM EDT

Tom Savini wants to recapture the suspense horror that originally made zombie movies great, and he needs your help to do it. 

Nowadays, a movie featuring the shambling dead can be a blockbuster film, but that might have never happened without the extraordinary talent of Tom Savini. A lot of the makeup effects and the gore you see in horror movies now was originally hatched from Savini's brilliant and sadistic mind.

And now Savini wants to direct a new picture, one where he has the creative control he's always wanted yet still pays homage to what made a lot of horror features from the '60s and '70s great -- slower-paced, suspense-driven terror. Here's his indiegogo pitch for the film, Death Island.

Even though that title is a little generic, we do really dig the notion of zombies in a kind of camoflauge. And we've actually seen the potential in a zombie POV pretty recently during one of the shorts from V/H/S/ 2

Really, though, the reason we'd consider ponying up a little scratch is because this is Tom Savini and the idea of seeing what he would do with complete creative control is easily worth the price of admission.

(via indiegogo)