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Tom Welling teases Cain's latest Lucifer tricks and dispels a Flash rumor

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Apr 16, 2018, 5:15 PM EDT

Lucifer has had a thorn in his side this season of Lucifer in the form of Cain, the world's first murderer who has been walking the earth, doomed to immortality (despite trying to kill himself in a lot of creative ways).

In his mortal guise as LAPD Lieutenant Marcus Pierce, Cain (played by Tom Welling) has managed to take charge of the police detective squad, obstruct justice in the Sinnerman serial murder spree, and commit a rather unusual form of sexual harassment on the job by seducing his subordinate Chloe Decker, in the hopes that proximity or intimacy with her will enable him to die. (Chloe, if you want to file a complaint with HR, we'll support you).

Cain hasn't been successful thus far, but that won't stop him from trying – when we last saw him, he was suggesting an alliance with Maze. Welling called SYFY WIRE to tease tonight's episode, learn about his character's comic book origins, and dispel recent rumors about his Smallville character and another DC Comics-based show.

What sort of research or prep did you about the Cain and Abel story to get into the mind of the character? Did you look it up in the Bible or the DC Comics?

I hadn't looked it up in the DC Comics. I sort of refreshed my memory as far as the Bible goes, that idea. And then I spent a lot of time thinking about what would motivate someone to do what he was doing on the show, sort of find the motivating factors for the character. A lot of my conversations with [executive producer] Joe Henderson was just about why Cain was coming to town, what were his objectives, and what did he think he needed? And we agreed to not discuss the actual ending until it happened, so that I didn't even know, because even the other cast members will ask, "What's going to happen?" and I could honestly say, "I don't know. I've no idea."

That kept it fun and interesting. You know, at first, it was designed to be a slow burn, and I think at the beginning, there were a lot of questions about who the character was. What is he doing? Why is he boring? [Laughs] Why is he such a jerk? And then we started to see mid-season what was motivating him and what is he after, and it evolved. So once the season's over, looking back, we'll be able to see that evolution, and how it was justified, and why he was where he was.

Well, since you're not as familiar with the DC Comics, they pop up as characters in House of Mystery and Sandman.

I didn't really know that. I wish I had… No one told me!

You know how this show's take on Lucifer is from Neil Gaiman's character in the Sandman comics?


Okay, so the Lucifer and Cain stories are intertwined a bit. Cain acted as Dream's emissary to Hell in Season of Mists, and after that is when Lucifer abdicates Hell and starts up his L.A. bar Lux, where Mazikeen is a waitress. But most of the time, Cain is just killing Abel over and over again. Cain killed Abel once because he wanted to give his pet gargoyle a name that didn't start with a "G."

[Laughs] Okay! I didn't know that. I don't know why I never heard about that! You know what? That's something I would have loved. That sounds hilarious. It sounds fun. I guess it would be a question for [producers] Joe and Ildy [Modrovich], because they had the arc planned out over the course of the season. I knew a couple of the big moments, the transition when he gets there, the relationship with Chloe. That was all laid out. But I bet you Joe knows everything about what you just said, because he's totally into that stuff. I'm sure they looked at that.

Did you ever talk to the producers about how much fun it could be to show some of Cain's deaths? "I'd love to jump into a volcano. Let's shoot that scene!" Or, "I want to be eaten by wolves!"

[Chuckles] No, although I think jumping in a volcano would be very exciting! That would take a lot of production, to look down the volcano. The view would be cool. It was really more about showing the relationship between Chloe and Lucifer, and then using the other characters for the ultimate goal of what Cain really wanted. And then changing his mind, obviously.

We've had a couple weeks since the last episode. What's coming up next?

I think you're going to see the relationship between Marcus Pierce and Chloe Decker start to accelerate even faster. And then there's going to be ramifications for that relationship for them both, as well as Lucifer. And you'll start to see the building tension of the inevitable conflict or sort of battle between Cain and Lucifer.

It was reported recently that you had some sort of idea about a way that you could do a cameo on The Flash. What was the idea?

[Laughs] I was totally misquoted! That was just someone asking if I could come up with an idea in the moment, like, "Wouldn't it be funny if…" It wasn't anything more than a funny conversation about something that will probably never happen.


Yeah, I know. [Laughs] All of a sudden it came out, and people were talking about it, and I was like, "Wait, what? That wasn't real." So unfortunately, that was just a fun conversation. One of the great things about The Flash is the fact that they can do anything at any time, which is a great tool for storytelling. Anything can happen on that show. It's like on Lucifer when he goes down to Hell to pluck souls out, or thinking about Heaven and who's in there. It's a great way to tell a story, because anything is possible. But to show up as a character I've played before on a different series? That really doesn't interest me.