That Tom Cruise aliens + Groundhog Day film finds its leading lady

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Dec 17, 2012

We haven't heard anything new about director Doug Liman's alien war epic All You Need Is Kill since way back in December, when Tom Cruise signed on to star. Now we're finally hearing that the flick has a leading lady, and she's an actress with some sci-fi cred.

We're hearing from THR that Liman and company are in negotiations with Emily Blunt to star opposite Cruise in the flick, which tells the story of a soldier in a men-vs.-aliens war who dies each day, only to be reborn again for for more combat.

Cruise stars as the soldier in question, who begins training himself to fight better in an effort to change his perpetual fate. Blunt will also get a piece of the action as Valkyrie One, one of the best soldiers in humankind's army.

Blunt's history with sci-fi includes her work in The Adjustment Bureau and the forthcoming time-travel thriller Looper, but she's also got the diversity to do comedic roles (The Five Year Engagement) and heavy drama (Young Victoria). She's definitely an actress on the rise, and marching into battle with Cruise has the potential to make her a superstar.

What do you think? Good casting?

(Via THR)