Tom Hardy as Bane set pics reveal Dark Knight Rises spoiler

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Dec 15, 2012

Filming for The Dark Knight Rises is currently underway in Pittsburgh, Pa., and in some recent set pics, we got to see Tom Hardy as Batman's nemesis, Bane. We also get one particularly interesting photo that offers a clue as to the plot. Warning: spoilers.

In these pictures, we see Bane standing on top of a car with a piece of paper in his hands. At first, we assumed that this paper contained actor Hardy's lines, and perhaps he had problems memorizing a particularly challenging monologue. But no.

The piece of paper, which Bane rips up and throws away, is actually a photo of Harvey Dent, who later turns into Two-Face, another Batman foe.

This suggests that Bane is thinking about Dent ... and perhaps the evil genius realizes that Dent isn't the hero that he was made out to be in The Dark Knight.

What do you think the on-screen connection of Bane and Two-Face is?

(via Slashfilm)

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