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New Tomb Raider teaser captures the video game's intensity

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Feb 21, 2018, 11:28 AM EST (Updated)

Lara Croft has been a movie character in the public consciousness since Angelina Jolie kicked some khaki ass back in 2001's version of Tomb Raider, but her real revitalization after that film — and its lackluster sequel — came with 2013’s video game reboot.

That game learned a lot from the popular treasure-hunting series Uncharted (itself coming to the big screen soon), and now it seems that director Roar Uthaug has found a way to translate these lessons onto the big screen for Alicia Vikander’s debut as the character.

The game is part stealth and part puzzle-solving, but when the action starts, it has an avalanchian physical logic that continues piling on the equal and opposite reactions. One segment in particular involves Lara zooming down a river and saving herself with a rusted-out plane.

The film looks like it’s nailed it:


With some signature British aridity, Croft accepts everything that comes her way with nothing but minor bafflement — and some hearty grunts that undermine her declaration that she’s “not a superhero.” While the action is fast and quickly edited (possibly just for this clip), it’s not far off from the heart-pounding succession of obstacles coming your way during the game.

If this sequence is meant to replicate the game’s insistence that actions have consequences and doing stupid, dangerous stuff is really hard to survive, then they pinned it to the wall with an arrow.

The film premieres March 16.

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