Tomorrow People's Peyton List promises 'final showdown' in ‘insane’ S1 finale

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Jul 4, 2015, 2:17 PM EDT (Updated)

For folks who have actually been watching, the angsty, X-Men-esque series, The Tomorrow People has grown into one of the most entertaining sci-fi shows of the season. So, what can we expect for the finale?

Peyton List, who stars as rebel leader Cara on the CW series, chatted with Collider about the pending season finale and what fans can expect from the twisty story as it finally winds to a close. Not surprisingly: Things are getting even crazier, as alliances are strained and the two sides get ready for an epic faceoff (so don’t be fooled by that “truce,” apparently).

Here’s an excerpt:

“I put the [finale] script down and I was tired, just thinking about it. So much happens, and not just to one character or a couple of characters. It affects everybody, across the board. How the storylines play out affects them all, in different ways.  Because it’s so fast-paced, especially at the end, a lot of the things that happen, that force somebody to make a decision, they’re split-second decisions that can lead to chaos and mayhem.

In the finale, the fights are bigger and the powers are bigger. It’s the final showdown. I’m very, very, very excited for the finale. What’s great is that the finale doesn’t come out of nowhere.  We are prepping for the finale, starting with Episode 17. We planted the seeds for what the story was going to be, and from 17 on, the train has started and it gets faster and faster and faster. By the time we get to Episode 21, you’re just hurdling forward with the story. I hope everybody enjoys it. It’s a lot…

You find characters coming together because, if it’s possible, the stakes get higher, which is just insane. You see characters get closer, but then you see other characters that you never thought would ever turn on each other, strained to the breaking point. It’s really a product of the circumstance, and I think it’s what would happen. It’s not everybody coming together and fighting against one enemy. When there’s enemies on all sides, you choose your battle lines.  So, it’s a bit of both, really.”

The ratings have been fairly so-so as of late, but that’s pretty much par for the course with a lot of The CW’s programming, so Tomorrow People still has an outside shot at renewal. The odds aren’t great, but it ain’t dead yet. If the final few episodes are as entertaining as the past half dozen, we’ll keep our fingers crossed for an 11th-hour renewal.

The Tomorrow People airs Monday nights on The CW. 

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