Tonight Show skit shows how Barb survived the Stranger Things Demogorgon

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Sep 8, 2016

WARNING: Spoilery Territory Ahead!

One of the many mysteries of Netflix's Stranger Things is what exactly happened to Diving Board Barb after she was sucked down the swimming pool and into The Upside Down.

Without giving away any season-ending spoilers, let's just say it must have been a messy affair for the bespectacled teenage resident of Hawkins, Indiana. On a recent episode of NBC's The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon plays mouthbreather jock Steve as the actual Stranger Things cast performs a hilarious skit with Barb returning to rant about being left behind to rot in a parallel dimension and explain her trade-out deal with the Demogorgon that enabled her escape.

 Have a look and tell us if this scenario seems plausible to you and if you'd watch a new Barb-centric spinoff.  Stranger Things hits Netflix next year for a trippy new nine-episode season. Can't wait!

(Via io9)

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