Tony Hawk rides a real hoverboard. Really, this time. Honest.

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Nov 19, 2014

The events of Back to the Future II take place, in part, in the year 2015. Well, we're just over a month away. Good news, everyone -- the hoverboard, she is real. 

I think we can all agree that we gave up on getting our flying cars anytime soon. The Jetsons, man -- they lied to us. But Back to the Future wouldn't do us like that, right? Surely the futurists who aided in constructing the future tech that should now be present tech would be right about the hoverboard. That's all we ask.

And about eight months ago, we thought we got it when Doc Brown himself, Christopher Lloyd (along with pro skateboarder who has all those games, Tony Hawk), appeared in a Funny or Die video showing off a real hoverboard.

Except it was a fake. It was the worst. Dream shattered.


Enter Hendo Hoverboards, aka the real deal McNeil. Here's Tony Hawk apologizing for his part in Hovergate, and also riding an actual hoverboard. Really.

It's real. Did you hear that it was real? The people from Hendo really want you to know that this hoverboard is real. Super duper, mega awesome real.

Of course the thing about real hoverboard tech is that it's in its infancy. Which is OK! But it's probably worth noting that you aren't going to be hoverboarding anywhere without the ground beneath your feet being covered with non-ferromagnetic conductive materials.

That being said, there is a Kickstarter you can contribute to in order to help grow this new kind of tech. And, bonus, if you spend $300 or more, you'll actually get some form of the tech in your very hands. That's not cheap, but considering that, as of this writing, the Hendo Kickstarter is nearly at twice its monetary goal, we feel pretty confident in saying people are willing to pay a lot to make hoverboards even more real than they already are. Because they are already real, you guys.

Bonus points to the folks at Hendo for daring to imagine a world where this kind of technology reaches far beyond hoverboards. Imagine trains and cars that are able to hover and be controlled with ease.

Is this where the future of travel is headed? I guess we'll have to wait and see. Or hope that Robert Zemeckis makes some more Back to the Future movies, since, apparently, they're pretty accurate.

(via The Mary Sue)

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