Top 10 Nintendo Switch Games

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The Switch is great. And here are the games that truly make it so.

Top 10 Nintendo Switch Games

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 Trailer

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

If this wasn't the game you bought the Switch for, I highly recommend buying it anyway. An achievement in the art of video game creation, Breath of the Wild is an open world game that continues to amaze as you go through it and a must-own for anyone who is a fan of adventure and spectacle.

Super Mario Odyssey - Game Trailer - Nintendo E3 2017

Super Mario Odyssey

With the addition of Cappy, Mario takes to multiple worlds (including New York City) as he tries to stop the forced wedding between Bowser and Princess Peach. The game's ability to change characters through throwing Cappy creates a fantastically entertaining game worthy of the Mario name.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 Trailer

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Mario Kart has consistently delivered some of the best gaming experiences to each Nintendo console and the Switch is no exception. With an active online community and the return of Battle Mode, Mario Kart 8 is a thrilling expansion of the game we all grew up with and love.

Hollow Knight - Launch Trailer - Nintendo E3 2018

Hollow Knight

A beautiful, sprawling tale that reminds the gamer of the best aspects of Metroid (and possibly a little bit of Dark Souls), Hollow Knight is an incredibly engrossing epic that works especially well on the Switch console. It's got a fun spooky vibe but can be disarmingly funny at times as well. This game is one of the most fun and challenging games to download on the Switch.

Celeste – Nintendo Switch Trailer


For those that like a challenge, Celeste takes a simple but pure design and transforms it into an incredible 2D adventure that's a love song to the Nintendo games that came before it (especially for those that loved Super Meat Boy). As your skills get honed from jumping and dashing through the treacherous environment, just stop for a second or two to also take in the music, 'cause the soundtrack is tops.

Bayonetta 2 - The Legend Returns Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Bayonetta 2

For those gamers that like to beat the hell out of monsters, this game is exactly what you're looking for. As a witch with magic hair you get to kick some serious butt in a game that combines Devil May Cry-style fast-paced action with an awesome storyline and thrilling graphics.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - Launch Trailer (Nintendo Switch)

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

If you have hours to devote to a game, none will reward you as much as the epic Xenoblade 2 (we're talking 50+ here). This astounding RPG combines engrossing battles with a tough but remarkable world that rewards the hardcore gamer.

Splatoon 2 Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Splatoon 2

Easily a game you'll play over and over, Splatoon 2 combines a "season 2" multiplayer mode with an addictively fun co-op mode to add to its already enjoyable single-player mode. It's the reason you'll turn on the Wifi on your Switch and should provide hours upon hours of entertainment.

INSIDE Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch


From the makers of Limbo comes the wonderfully creepy Inside. Much like that of its predecessor, Inside's atmospheric design is minimalistic with a focus on spacial puzzle challenges, though this time with elements of fear and confusion that get sprinkled into the story.

Stardew Valley - Trailer (Nintendo Switch)

Stardew Valley

A perfect pairing with the Switch, Stardew Valley is a comforting open-ended farming life sim game that allows the gamer to easily start and pause whenever they want to return to the countryside. Water your crops in the morning, head to work and then chat up that cute boy at the general store on your commute back home. Having a separate life in the valley might be the meditation you need and the handheld console is perfect for the game's escapist elements.