Top 10 VR Games

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard

Credit: Capcom

VR seems to be the gaming platform that everyone has been waiting to explode. We've seen an incredible amount of potential but also a lot of duds come out and, as the technology progresses, these games show us there's a lot of greatness conceivable in the future. Here is a list of our favorites in VR to date.

Top 10 VR Games

Raw Data

Probably the most incredible VR wave shooter, Raw Data allows you to shoot or slice your way through a bunch of really dumb robots but the spectacle of it is nothing we've seen before. Add that to the fact that your friend can join you in co-op mode and you have one hell of a fun robot-killing time.

Drop Dead

While there are many games where you have to avoid getting killed by waves of enemies, this one is the most fully fleshed-out story including good voice acting and impressive graphics. Also, on top of all that, you can shoot anywhere, not just where you're looking, and when you're getting attacked… that is definitely helpful.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

A shooting game that takes you on a ride. The character goes on a roller coaster that travels through some really horrifying levels as your precision will be tested against some pretty grotesque creatures (the butcher scene is especially gruesome). Definitely not for the faint of heart.

Eagle Flight

One of the most compelling parts of VR is simply looking around you... and no other game does that as well as Eagle Flight, in which the gamer gets to swoop through the majestic city of Paris. It's awe-inspiring to watch and shows how astounding the escapism of VR can be.


The full-on 360 shooter in Farpoint is a pretty well-written story that provides a great first-person shooter experience. It's a little pricey with the Aim Controller but there's no other PlayStation VR Game like this right now and it's worth playing.

Arizona Sunshine

Nothing like a zombie survival game to get your blood flowing! This is a game in which bullets really count as the gamer has to take special care not to be eaten.

Eclipse: Edge of Light

Basically the game you must own if you have Google's Daydream headset. It's a journey through a strange alien landscape that showcases the escapism and wonder that VR has to offer.

Robo Recall

Grab your guns — the robots are advancing! There's a little bit of The Matrix here as you can slow down time and pluck bullets out of the air as massive waves of robots attack.

EVE: Valkyrie

A dogfight explodes in the stars as this game throws everything at you. It's a barrage of lights and images showcasing how the 360 VR experience can be everywhere at once.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

There's nothing more creepy than being in a VR horror game and this game does scary very, very well. The game can easily become too atmospheric and, with jump scares as well as just a plain freaky environment, it's impressive if you can withstand the onslaught.