Top Chef judge wants you to EAT Game of Thrones, too

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Dec 14, 2012

When you think of medieval fantasy universes, you think swords, magic and ... food? Of course you do, especially if "winter is coming," as it is in the start of George R.R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series, also known as the upcoming HBO TV show Game of Thrones.

And in a clever piece of marketing, HBO is placing GoT's-branded food carts around Los Angeles and New York City, inspired by the foods in Westeros' seven kingdoms.

Best of all, the menu was created by Tom Colicchio, the head judge of the Bravo TV cooking competition show, Top Chef (our favorite guilty pleasure).

According to the L.A. Times:

From March 28 to April 1 in New York and April 4-8 in Los Angeles, the carts will offer roasted rabbit, spice roasted duck, venison, lemon cakes, and other delicacies sure to make you dust off ye olde breastplate and take to the streets. (Supplies are limited; to find truck locations and serving times, check out the Game of Thrones Facebook or Twitter pages.)

In the first video below. Colicchio explains that he's created several menus, based on each kingdom. For example, the Riverlands has squab dish sweetened with sweet win and honey. And if you're as hungry as we are after that description, the chef says you can find the recipes at the Game of Thrones website.

We wonder if the food truck includes "bowl of brown," the King's Landing stew made of mystery meat (also known as murder victims and puppies).

Actually, Colicchio isn't the only person concerned about the food in Westeros. In the second video, the set decorator (and food stylist) for Game of Thrones, Richard Roberts, describes how he creates the look of the fake food on set ... and how he also throws in a few pigs' heads to keep it real.

Check them out below.