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Topher Grace: Tom Hardy's Venom is 'the character I grew up with'

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Aug 7, 2018, 9:43 AM EDT

Fantasy casting a movie is a common practice — especially for films based on comic books. We all have ideas of who would best embody the character we grew up reading about. And apparently, the same can happen if you've been one of those comic book characters. Topher Grace played the character once himself but recently said Tom Hardy is the Venom he imagined.

In 2007, Topher Grace starred as the Spider-Man villain Venom in the final film in Sam Raimi's trilogy: Spider-Man 3. That was a few Spider-Man reboots ago but you might remember it. In anticipation of the upcoming Sony Pictures film Venom starring Tom Hardy, avid comic book reader Grace was asked his thoughts on Hardy's casting during a junket for his new film BlacKkKlansman.

“To me — I truly mean this — I think Tom is the guy to play that role,” said Grace. “I’m thrilled to watch it as a fan. I really mean that. I think he’s just the best dude.”

Grace grew up reading Spider-Man comics and was obviously thrilled to be cast in Spider-Man 3, but acknowledged he sees Hardy as a better fit for the character of Venom.

“I was thrilled because I was such a fan of the character, but I was aware of how it was different from what I had grown up reading," said Grace. "I thought it was cool, but I’m really excited to see [Hardy’s Venom]. That’s the character I grew up with.”

In the Marvel Comics, Venom is the villain/anti-hero created when Eddie Brock (Hardy) pairs with an uncontrollable violent symbiotic entity. He'll likely appear without Spider-Man in the upcoming film (although there's still a chance Spidey could show up), but don't worry, Venom's still got some problems to deal with. 

Venom also stars Michelle Williams, Scott Haze, Reid Scott, Jenny Slate, Riz Ahmed, and Woody Harrelson. You can catch it in theaters on October 5.

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