Torchwood: Miracle Day gets a premiere date and a killer poster

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Marc Bernardin
Dec 14, 2012

The next season of John Barrowman's world-saving sci-fi series is barreling toward its July premiere. And we've got precisely when you should mark your calendar.

As creator and executive producer Russell T Davies explained back in January, Torchwood: Miracle Day springs from a seemingly wonderful event, one with vast ramifications:

"It's as simple as this: that one day on Earth no one dies. Not a single person on Earth dies. The next day no one dies. The next day no one dies, and on and on and on. ... The possibility of death ceases to exist. Great news for some people, but globally it's an instant overnight population boom. The Earth relies on people dying. That's how the whole system works. The food, the room, the temperature. Suddenly you've got a crisis affecting everyone on the planet, and that's where the Torchwood team and our brand-new characters come in."

The new series kicks off on July 8 on Starz.

(via TV Line)

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