Torchwood star Barrowman wants to join CW's Arrow full-time

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

The CW's gritty superhero series Arrow got some major sci-fi clout with the addition of Torchwood star John Barrowman (aka Captain Jack Harkness) in a supporting role. But now Barrowman's having so much fun he wants to do even more.

Barrowman told The L.A. Times he's jockeying for a regular role in the series, where he plays the shady Malcolm Merlyn, who is currently pulling the strings around all the badness in Starling City.

He likes the character so much he's even made sure that a potential role in Doctor Who's 50th anniversary wouldn't get in the way:

"I'd love to be a regular on the show just to continue the role. I love playing [Malcolm]...[Producer] Andrew [Kreisberg] has already said to me if they want me in the 50th anniversary, he will give me the time off from Arrow to do it."
The first half of season one has been a thrill ride, and Barrowman's appearances have been among the highlights. He recently told The Hollywood Reporter he's having a blast playing a villain, though he has been able to find the "troubled hero" trapped deep within Merlyn's motives. Doesn't sound so different from good ol' Jack Harness, now does it?
"From playing a troubled hero in another show and coming to play a villain, I see Malcolm as a bit of a troubled hero himself because he's trying to do things to protect the company and other people but everybody sees it as being the bad way to do it; it depends how people go about things. Where as Oliver as Arrow is going around snapping people's neck and shooting folks but people see him asthe good hero. So Malcolm is a bit frustrated by things like that."
What do you think, has Barrowman been a good addition to Arrow? Would you like to see him even more?

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