Torchwood Writer reveals the reasons why Ianto Jones had to die

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Dec 14, 2012

Writer John Fay (the only British writer who wrote for the magnificent Torchwood:
Children of Earth
and was asked to write for the upcoming Torchwood: The New
) had one of the most unenviable tasks EVER: killing off Ianto Jones, Captain
Jack's lover and one of Torchwood's most beloved characters.

The death of Ianto at the hands of the evil aliens called the 456 during Day Four of Torchwood: Children of Earth created a huge uproar and some backlash among
Torchwood viewers, with some fans even mounting a campaign to demand that the character be resurrected.

In an interview with scyfilove, Fay explained how Torchwood creator Russell T. Davies came up with the idea and why it was the right thing to do for the show:

"Russell wanted that to happen, although they are my words," he said. "It was absolutely the right thing to do, though, from the point of view of the story and what it gave to the last episode.

"The strength of Torchwood and Russell's vision is that you don't know the heroes are going to survive. That's been well established now!

"That adds a sense of jeopardy to the show which leaves everyone wondering what will happen next."

For the writer, Ianto's death was a means to show the cost of immortality for Captain Jack Harkness: a character who could only live to see everyone else ultimately die around him:

"In my mind, I was always aware that Jack had gone through this situation many times before, and that was really interesting to me. How do you have a relationship and fall in love with someone when you know -- absolutely know -- you will be around to see them die?

"That's a real tragedy that Jack has to carry around with him, as well as a fascinating weight to hang around a character's shoulders."

When Fay was asked if he planned to bring Ianto Jones back to the series, the writer answered: "I'm not going to answer that [...], you'll just have to watch and see."

What do you think? Would you want to see the character return in any capacity in Torchwood: The New World?