Torchwood's creator warns series' 4th season will be 'dark'

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

Thought Children Of Earth was as dark as you wanted Torchwood to get, what with the death of ... well ... you know who. According to series creator and producer Russell T. Davies, that's just the beginning of the darkness we're going to see as Torchwood gets ready for its fourth season.

In response to an interviewer's question in SFX about the "darkness" of Children Of Earth, Davies responded that [spoilers ahead]:

Actually, this story is also very dark. I think with that, Torchwood found its feet. People found something very compelling and very chilling about it. I love the way people got on their high horse saying, 'Oh, he killed his grandson!' Hello! He saved every single child in the world! If you would fail to do that then you're the monster, frankly. It's this extraordinary treatment that only science fiction heroes get You find that. If ever a word is said out of place by the Doctor or Captain Jack, or even by Sarah Jane sometimes, people throw their hands up in horror, whereas in any other drama any character is capable of any thing at any time. That's the only way to write, and it's the same for these people as well. I thought it was fascinating and challenging what he did there, but hard—it was so hard. I do think with the whole of Children Of Earth we found a new heartland for Torchwood.

I don't know about you, but if Torchwood gets any darker, we're going to end up as a puddle on the floor. We'll certainly be there when the new season premieres, but ... what do you think about what Davies had to say?

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