Torchwood's Russell T Davies says he's almost done with sci-fi

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Dec 14, 2012

We're eternally grateful to Russell T Davies for reviving Doctor Who in 2005, as well as for creating the spinoff series, Torchwood. But sadly, Davies, one of our favorite sci-fi television writers, has announced that it's about time for him step away from space battles and alien invasions in favor of something more mundane.

Davies told the BBC:

It's interesting to see how long I can stay in a science fiction world. Personally I think I'm coming to the end of it now, and I've saved the world and blown up the world too many times. ...

In other words, Davies suggests that he doesn't want to write the same material again and again. In fact, Davies has been writing and producing sci-fi on and off since 1991, starting with the BBC children's show Dark Season (co-starring a young Kate Winslet), followed up by Century Falls in 1993.

So what's in store for our literary hero? Perhaps he'll be returning to his OTHER roots:

It's time to write something just where people are talking in kitchens after this for me.

Although Davies is beloved in the world of sci-fi, he also has a claim to fame in dramas: He wrote and produced the wildly successful Queer as Folk (UK), based on his experiences in Manchester, England. He also worked on the three-episode serial, Casanova (starring the pre-Doctor Who David Tennant).

Davies also spoke about the adult nature of Torchwood, which led to having "a lot of its lead cast killed off."

It's meant to be a show in which there are hard repercussions for living the life they that do. So as we head into Miracle Day now, it'll still keep being as hard for the regular team. It's a tough show. I think they lead tough lives, and I think as a producer and a writer you have to make tough decisions, but I think that makes good drama.

Tough decisions, such as the one to walk away from a successful television show like Torchwood, also make for an interesting life.

We wish Davies the best of luck, wherever his writing takes him. And perhaps he'll grow weary of writing about kitchens and make his way back to sci-fi.

For a look at Davies' three-minute video interview, click here.

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