Total Recall remake clip updates iconic moment from the original

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Dec 17, 2012

We knew Len Wiseman kept the three-breasted woman in the upcoming Total Recall remake, and now the latest clip shows just how close the new will match up with the old in another classic scene from the 1990 original.

Just judging by the trailers, we know the scenes at Rekall look faithful to those from the original, and this latest bit gives us hope the reboot will be a faithful, but updated, take on the original.

The latest clip is set at a security checkpoint, with our main hero (played by Colin Farrell now, instead of Arnold Schwarzenegger) trying to get through. The concept has seen some tweaks, what with new FX tech and all, but the idea remains true to the original film.

Judge for yourself, and check out the new clip below.

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( via Total Film)