Touch debut explodes, Chuck ends big, plus 19 other genre shows

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Dec 16, 2012

We added still more shows to our list of genre programs to watch this week. Spartacus: Vengeance brought everyone's favorite gladiator back with his best season opener yet, and Keifer Sutherland's new show Touch dominated Wednesday night with its special series premiere preview.

Plus Alcatraz stayed strong, Fringe got a bump and Once Upon a Time re-took its Sunday night crown.

Check out our NEW AND IMPROVED chart (click below to view full size) and commentary for more on how your favorite shows are doing in Live + Same Day viewers and rating.


Alcatraz (FOX)9.03 million viewers/3.0/7 share

Alcatraz lost about 1 million viewers in its second week out, but the 9 million it held on to is not too shabby. The curious viewers who didn't see anything they liked in week one are now gone, and this show still managed roughly the same number of viewers that Terra Nova's series premiere had.

Being Human (Syfy)1.65 million viewers/0.7

Being Human lost fewer than 200,000 viewers in the second week of its season but stayed strong overall. The show is down from the where it was the same time last year, but not by much.

Lost Girl (Syfy)1.1 million viewers/0.4

Lost Girl also dropped Monday, but because it had fewer viewers to begin with, its drop is more noticeable. The loss of 300,000 or so viewers left the show hovering around the 1 million mark, which is still not dismal for a cable show. Its rating helped it to finish among the top 30 cable shows of the night, but a bump in the numbers as the season moves on would still be very welcome.


We're still waiting for word on another year of Terra Nova. Keep those dino claws crossed.


American Horror Story (FX)—DONE FOR SEASON

No worries for American Horror Story. Season two is on the way, and all we have to do is wait.

Touch (FOX)12.01 million viewers/3.9/10 share

Airing the series premiere of Touch in a "special preview" nearly two months before the series proper is set to get rolling paid off big for FOX Wednesday. The episode garnered the highest demo ratings of any scripted series of the night, and it was the second highest-rated show of the night overall behind American Idol. Now we'll see how many people remember whether they liked it and keep watching when it comes back in March.


The Big Bang Theory (CBS)16.13 million viewers/5.5/16 share

The Big Bang Theory had yet another huge night Thursday, tying American Idol for first place in both rating and share and finishing second in overall viewers just behind FOX's little talent show.

Person of Interest (CBS)—REPEAT

Person of Interest took the week off. No worries with this show. It's still pulling consistently high numbers.

The Vampire Diaries (CW)—OFF

The CW decided Thursday night was movie night, so Vampire Diaries and Secret Circle both got a break. Vampire Diaries hasn't been doing terribly, but when we last left it the numbers were still slowly sliding downward. Maybe it'll bounce back in the coming weeks.

The Secret Circle (CW)—OFF

The Secret Circle also got a week off, and hopefully it too can return with better numbers. The slide it was on is starting to turn into a full-on drop.


A Gifted Man (CBS)—REPEAT

Another week off for A Gifted Man. It still looks like we won't see another season of this show, but CBS hasn't made anything certain just yet.

Chuck (NBC)4.31 million viewers/1.2/3 share

Chuck signed off on top Friday night, earning the highest ratings and most viewers of any episode of its final season for the series finale. Low viewership or not, we'll miss this show.

Fringe (FOX)3.33 million viewers/1.2/3 share

Good news for Fringe this week. The show picked up a tenth of a ratings point and earned its highest viewership since the season premiere all the way back in September. That alone might not sway execs to renew the series, but every little bit helps.

Grimm (NBC)—OFF

Grimm took a week off to make way for the second hour of Chuck's finale. When last we left it this show was riding a new wave of viewers. Hopefully that will continue in the weeks to come.

Supernatural (CW)—REPEAT

Another week off for Supernatural. Let's hope it returns with better numbers than when it left.

Clone Wars (TOON)1.61 million viewers/0.4

This show just won't hold steady. Clone Wars dropped about half a million viewers this week, but its numbers remain solid. Now we wait to see how long it'll take to climb back above 2 million viewers again.

Sanctuary (Syfy)—DONE FOR SEASON

We still don't know if we'll see a fifth year for Sanctuary, but it managed to end its fourth with a nice little numbers spike. For now, we leave it with good news.

Merlin (Syfy)2.08 million viewers/0.6

Another big week for Merlin. It took a leap in viewers yet again, picking up 200,000 more for the most-watched broadcast this season so far. Three straight weeks of increases is definitely a good start to the year for this show.

Spartacus: Vengeance (Starz)1.39 million viewers/0.6

The second series premiere (third if you count the prequel) of the Starz series topped both of its predecessors Friday, beating the last premiere (for the prequel Gods of the Arena) by 300,000 viewers and a tenth of a ratings point. We'll have to see if these numbers retain some stability, but it looks like the potential stumbling block of a new lead actor was no problem at all here.


The Walking Dead (AMC)—OFF

The Walking Dead won't be back until February, but there's no reason to expect less stellar performance in 2012. All we have to do is wait.

Once Upon a Time (ABC)10.91 million viewers/3.5/8 share

Once Upon a Time got a huge boost Sunday night, pulling in well over 1 million additional viewers for its most-watched episode since November. It also took back its lead as the highest-rated scripted series of the night. Now let's see if it can hold on to it.

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