Tour Comic-Con's Ender’s Game Fan Experience tent with 15 revealing pics

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Jul 18, 2013, 8:30 PM EDT

If you’re an Ender Wiggin fan, then San Diego Comic-Con is going to make you green with envy. Summit has set up a massive Ender’s Game Fan Experience tent where attendees can walk in the virtual shoes of the young hero.

Based on the Orson Card Scott novel, Ender’s Game is the story of a brilliant young boy, played by Asa Butterfield in the upcoming film, who is recruited to become a soldier to help defeat an alien aggressor. The experience starts off in Ender’s home on Earth, and then you progress through to the ship that takes him to his space-station training home.

Actual sets from the movie are used in the interactive experience, where fans can sit in the ship seats, see Ender’s bunk room with his fellow cadets, and even sit in the individual training seats inside the iconic Battle Station set as the very intense Harrison Ford (as Col. Hyrum Graff) lectures you from a massive screen about the threats bearing down on humanity.

Director Gavin Hood and producer Bob Orci were on hand for the unveiling to fans Wednesday night and told us that they were thrilled to finally show off more of the film in a tactile way.

Hood enthused, “I’m excited for [fans] to put their hands on the metal stars that are in there, or for them to look at the bunks. Bunks! It sounds so silly, but we talked about wanting the kids to look like they are residents in space, so when you sit on a bunk, how low can you get it to be perceived right? We worked that out to the inch. Just to see that detailed work of the designers is great. It looks like a bank, but [we put] hours into that bunk.”

“I want a locker room with a laser in it,” Orci laughed.

Asked their favorite section of the Experience, Orci teased, “I think the Battle Room, because that’s the most famous scene. You read it and you think 'How are we going to do this?' But the production designer and his artists took the spirit of the book, and you can see in the Experience, you really feel like you are floating in space. It’s a transparent dome where you can see out the windows: the sun, the moon. It’s like you're floating out in space, and it’s incredible.”