Tour the Superman Museum, amazingly packed with some 75,000 collectibles

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Jul 1, 2017, 7:44 PM EDT (Updated)

Think of the number 75,000. Can you even visualize that, in terms of units? It takes a stretch of the imagination to even conceptualize such a vast amount. Now imagine, if you can, 75,000 Superman-related items, and you can start to see how impressive the Superman Museum truly is.

If your imagination isn't in the mood to work overtime, worry not, as we've got some amazing real-life footage from the museum, conveniently located on Superman Square in the Man of Steel's official hometown, Metropolis, Illinois. "Amazing" is an important word around the museum, too, as curator/collector/Superman enthusiast Jim Hambrick tells us while giving a personal tour of his jaw-dropping collection.

"We've got this place packed with Superman. We get a lot of people in here, we've been here 25 years and going strong. And all I need to hear every day is three times: 'amazing.' When I hear 'amazing' three times, I know I've done my job for the day," says Hambrick, who started his collection with a lunch box in the fifth grade. From there, he went on to amass so much swag that he created a display in his bedroom good enough to charge schoolmates a quarter each for entry. And so the Superman Museum was born.

That lunch box still hangs proudly among the 75,000 items. Judging by that, and some of the other collectibles, memorabilia, original props and costumes that Hambrick details for us in the video below, it's safe to say his "amazing" tally isn't too hard to come by.