Tour the 'seed vault' that will save us all after the apocalypse

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

Assuming we're lucky enough to survive the apocalypse (though we're not sure lucky's the right word for it), we know one of our first thoughts will be "What's for lunch?"

Thankfully, that's being taken care of. A global seed vault has been built on a remote Norwegian island in the Arctic Svalbard archipelago. It will eventually house every variation from every crop from every country on the planet.

The big brains seem to have everything covered, as the vault was built high enough to avoid rising sea levels and deep enough into the mountain to be able to withstand a nuclear explosion, and it's kept at a constant temperature of 0 degrees to preserve its contents. But what we want to know is—how will it fare against zombies?

Take a tour in this clip from National Geographic's special How The Earth Changed History.

(via Huffington Post)