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Toy dinosaurs come to life in new Jurassic World photo series

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Apr 29, 2019, 5:55 AM EDT (Updated)

Taking pictures of your toys and action figures to pretend that your imagined universe is the same as that of the films, books, and TV shows that you adore is a right of passage for many fans. But for Paraguayan photographer Jorge Saenz, it’s a little different. That’s because, for one, Saenz’s toys of choice are dinosaurs that once roamed the planet, and for another, because his pictures putting these ancient reptiles into contemporary landscapes was commissioned by Jurassic World.

The franchise, which released its second film, Fallen Kingdom, over the summer, brought Saenz and his style (popularized with a series hashtagged #DinoDinaSeries that recently hit 1,000 entries) on board its Instagram to put the dinosaurs featured in the films into real life situations. Universal approached the photographer after becoming interested in the series. Saenz told SYFY WIRE through a translator that it was a series four years in the making and inspired both by his son and his lifelong love of dinosaurs.

"The whole idea for the #DinoDinaSeries was initially due to a picture of a toy my son Emiliano (5) bought for a dollar on a market fly from La Paz, Bolivia," Saenz said. "I am from Argentina, Patagonia, one of the major fossil sites in the world ... I've loved dinosaurs forever. In Jurassic Park I found an excellent scientific metaphor, where the mosquito in amber seduced me as a possibility."

Fans can see the T-Rex, the Indoraptor, and, of course, Blue the velociraptor in their natural habitats...or at least some facsimile of them to fit their plastic forms. Listen, we’re no paleontologists. We just like looking at dinosaurs.

Check them out:

Ok, we know the Indoraptor isn’t real - but after the storyline in Fallen Kingdom, even genetically-altered creations will be roaming the Earth and making the “Jurassic world” their home.

Jurassic World 3 is scheduled for release on June 11, 2021.

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