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Important Toy News: Finally, Jurassic Park dinosaurs are Transformers, plus Power Ranger goodies

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Jul 1, 2021, 2:41 PM EDT

Welcome back to Important Toy News, the SYFY WIRE column that shows you all the best and coolest happenings in the world of amazing toys and collectibles for the week.

Get ready, my fellow lovers of toys, because we are heading right back into that toybox for another week of newly announced toys and collectibles that are heading your way soon. Join me, your resident if not favorite toy journalist, while we collect all the righteously cool things we love, now in toy form.

Credit: Hasbro


Jurassic Park is a classic, iconic movie. But, have you ever looked at a Jurassic Park Jeep or that looming T. rex and thought to yourself, “You know what would make these cool things even cooler? If they turned into giant robots.” No? Just me? Well, the geniuses at Hasbro made that crazy idea a reality, and lucky fans who acted fast will soon have some sweet Jurassic Park/Transformers figures. Now, this toy, in my opinion, was clearly slated to be a Summer Convention exclusive from Hasbro. However, since the big shows are all still postponed as the pandemic continues, the toy became an Amazon exclusive… and it promptly pre-sold out before any of us could even blink. That said, this two-pack dino set is worth admiring, and if you sign up for alerts via Amazon, you can see if there is a chance of restocking. And, if you’re very patient, you will be able to purchase it directly from Hasbro Pulse in December 2021 for about $105.

Credit: Super7


Morphin’ Time is officially here, as those new Power Rangers ULTIMATES from Super7 that we have been eyeing together in recent weeks are now available for preorder. For those of us who love Power Rangers but are hesitant to pick these up because the price point is steep, know that Super7 is offering payment plans so that no one will miss the opportunity to collect the Team of Teenagers with attitude. And believe me, once you see all of these Power Rangers ULTIMATES figures, that Green Ranger (as well as the Goldar I gushed over a few weeks back) will definitely be calling your name. All of these figures are in the 7-inch scale and come with a mighty number of character-appropriate accessories. Each Power Rangers ULTIMATES figure is highly articulated and poseable — you can pick up the whole wave of five figures for $275 or $55 each directly from Super7. Act now, because the window to order these made-to-order figures will only last one month.

Credit: Hasbro


And speaking of Power Rangers, did you miss out on Hasbro’s prop-replica Dragon Dagger the first time it came out? Well, you’re in luck Dragon Zord lovers — Hasbro is re-releasing this sucker… for $10 more than it was the first time. Personally, my relationship with the Hasbro Dragon Dagger is complicated. I purchased it when it was first announced a few years back and did a careful comparison of it next to my original 1994 Bandai Dragon Dagger and my Legacy Dragon Dagger by Bandai which was released a few years ago. Nothing can compare to that Legacy Bandai Proplica piece — it is basically perfect. I think if Hasbro priced and advertised its own Dragon Dagger as a toy, I would have connected to it better. But with the inexplicable 18+ recommended age on the box, the liberties taken with the gritty paint, and the silly remixes of the MMPR theme, it just wasn’t a toy that did anything revolutionary for me. Still, it’s fine, and I definitely think no one should miss the chance to own one for not-secondary-market prices. You can order yours today directly from Hasbro Pulse for $69.99. It will ship to fans in November 2021.


Credit: Mattel


We’ve reached the end, my toy-loving friends, and right now we gotta go fast! Wait, wrong video game hero. Strike that because Mario is at the wheel! Rainbow Road, typically one of the hardest courses in Mario Kart, is now a physical racetrack. Bring the fun, dynamic excitement to life with the newest collaboration from Mario and Hot Wheels! I loved racing courses as a kid and this brand new one looks like a whole new world of fun. Right now at Target for $119.99, Mario fans can enjoy the newest Mario Kart collaboration with Hot Wheels. The Rainbow Road Raceway Set reaches 8 feet long and 24 inches in height, allowing for plenty of space for exciting races and thrilling gameplay. It even features lights and sounds! The set includes two die-cast cars, Mario and King Boo. Other cars are fortunately very readily available at retail. So unplug that Nintendo Switch and get racing in a whole new way!